Teeth Whitening 101

Professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest, easiest ways to transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry. With an advanced teeth whitening system chosen by you and your dentist, you can create bright, white, lasting results. Dentists recognize the importance of a healthy, bright smile, and can guide you through the essentials of professional teeth whitening as a component of cosmetic dentistry, including choosing the right system for your goals. Get ready to display your best and brightest smile, with effective, non-invasive teeth whitening treatment!

What Causes Tooth Staining and Discoloration?

Teeth discoloration is a common concern that many individuals face as they age. Lifestyle factors like aging, certain medications, consumption of staining foods and beverages like tea, coffee, and wine, and tobacco can contribute to the gradual staining of teeth.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

While over-the-counter whitening products are widely available, they typically don't deliver the same lasting results as professional teeth whitening systems. Professional teeth whitening systems offer higher concentrations of whitening gel, and with your dentist's expertise, can be customized to suit your needs, goals and lifestyle.

What Kind of Teeth Whitening System Do I Need?

In-office teeth whitening is a painless procedure that often takes just 60 minutes! Your dentist will apply the proper amount and concentration of whitening gel for you, and activate the gel with a specialized light or laser.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth from home, you may select a take-home teeth whitening kits instead. For professional teeth-whitening you can perform from wherever you are, your dentist can provide custom take-home whitening trays and whitening gel. You'll wear the trays with the gel daily until their smile reaches the desired shade, and can visit your dentist for whitening gel refills when you're ready for another treatment.

Including Teeth Whitening in Your Smile Makeover

Sometimes, achieving your desired smile results can involve more than one procedure. Professional teeth whitening can be provided as a single in-office or take-home treatment, or included in a comprehensive smile makeover treatment plan. Smile makeovers are designed to address multiple aspects of the appearance of the smile, combining teeth whitening with procedures like gum contouring, dental bonding, and more. Your dentist can help you create a cosmetic treatment plan that promotes your smile's optimal appearance, oral health, and function.

Your Whiter, Brighter Smile

Professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, quick and known to whiten the teeth up to 12 shades per treatment! Investing in your smile is as easy as scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will help you determine the best teeth whitening system for your desired results.

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